Hollywood actor James Franco is set to return to U.S. soap opera General Hospital for a one-off episode this spring (10), which will be filmed in a New York gallery as part of his ongoing art project.
The Spider-Man star stunned fans last year (09) by signing up for a role in the longrunning drama series, and recently revealed the move was all part of a secret "performance art" project.
His stint on the soap ends later this month (Jan10), but he's confirmed he will be back to star in and direct an additional "special episode" as part of a gallery show at the Big Apple's Deitch Projects.
Franco tells New York Magazine the gallery show will relate "to what I've already shot on GH (General Hospital)".
He also alluded to the art show in an editorial piece published in the Wall Street Journal, in which he writes, "After all of the Franco episodes are aired, my character's storyline will be advanced in a special episode filmed in a 'legitimate' New York gallery. One more layer will be added to this already layer-heavy experiment. If all goes according to plan, it will definitely be weird."