Moviemaker James Foley had no problems giving sexy Halle Berry top billing above Bruce Willis in new thriller PERFECT STRANGER - because she's one of the finest people he has ever worked with. Foley has worked with acting greats like Al Pacino, Sean Penn and Jack Lemmon and felt the true movie icons were a dying breed - until Berry walked onto his set. He coos, "I've directed a lot of heavyweight people and she was by far the most enjoyable. She's right up there with people like Pacino and Jack Lemmon and Sean Penn, Gene Hackman. "It made me mad at one point that she didn't get in this superstar position earlier, so she would have had the opportunity to make even more films. "When I think about what she had to get through to get in that position where she could be the leading actress and be billed over Bruce Willis, that's amazing. "More than 90 per cent of the studios have films that have men as the lead. She had to knock down barrier after barrier and she's done it. She certainly deserves top billing." And the Glengarry Glen Ross director admits he fell in love with his star: "Every morning I'd feel these skinny arms come from behind and hug from behind and then I'd smell this perfume that she wore and I recognised it and she's just say, 'Good morning Foley.' Wow!"