Revered Hollywood legend James Dean was planning to ditch his glittering acting career, when his life was cut tragically short in a 1955 car accident.

The Rebel Without a Cause hero told close pal and co-star Dennis Hopper that he wanted to become a film director, as he couldn't stand being treated like a puppet.

Apocalypse Now actor Hopper recalls, "Jimmy was going to try directing. It was going be a movie called THE ACTOR, about being a movie star. Jimmy wanted to be in charge.

"He was going to stop acting in films and be a director, but he died before any of this could happen. We had pretty much seen the end of James Dean on the screen, even if he had lived."

Hopper continues, "He couldn't stand being interrupted every five seconds by some idiot behind the camera. He was too caught up in the role to be stopped abruptly and made to start again.

"He was going to do just one more acting part - as ROCKY GRAZIANO in SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME - and then stop acting. That part ultimately went to Paul Newman, after Jimmy died in the car wreck."

20/06/2003 17:10