James Dean Bradfield thinks Manic Street Preachers may have reached the ''final'' stage of their career.

The 'International Blue' singer is worried bassist and songwriter Nicky Wire is in a ''fragile'' state and is unsure what the future will hold for the group following the release of their upcoming new album 'Resistance Is Futile'.

He said: ''He retreated before, after the mega success of 'Everything Must Go', he was happier in the garden.

''But he is quite fragile. This could be final. This could be final.''

Asked if it feels like their last album, he replied: ''It never does to me but I am riddled with optimism. I knew there was one more to come.

''[Does that suggest it's the last?] Not at all. But it will be one day. It just will. Not many bands get to 13 albums. I know things change.

''He might become the Welsh Paul Simonon (Clash bassist-turned-artist). But I don't invite apocalypse into my head.

''Nick always says I have a Captain America deflector shield. 'Bing! Bing!'.''

Nicky - who is also joined in the band by drummer Sean Moore - admitted he no longer feels ''equipped'' to be a rock star.

He said: ''I feel ill-equipped to be a rock star, in this age.

''When you've stopped relating to... virtually everything. I feel genuinely scared. Of everything you say, of how you look, my intelligence levels are diminished.

''I still feel I could beat any other pop star on 'University Challenge'. But... what does that even f***ing mean anyway.''

While the 49-year-old musician used to be known for his outspoken views, he's not interested in airing his opinions on social media.

He said: ''Everyone is always trying to win. 'This Tweet is so good, I won.' I can't join that debate. It's something of a cop-out. But it's dangerous, a mire. Which I can't dig myself out of any more, when everything just explodes, instantly.''

However, he does update the group's Instagram account but was left panicking recently when his two children persuaded him to share a photo of their family dog Axel.

He told Q magazine: ''I was convulsing, there might be a dog stealer. They wanted our dog to be most liked. 'Dad, no one likes you, Axel's gonna be more popular.' ''