The 75 year old was detained by police at the entrance of the Competitive Power Ventures power plant on Friday (18Dec15), U.S. newspaper the Time Herald-Record reports.

Cromwell was with a crowd of about 30 demonstrators who were chanting, "Power to the people!" and the American Horror Story star was chained to two other protesters. All three were taken into custody once they were cut free by police officers.

Editors at ABC report that the protesters believe toxins from the plant could be dangerous to the heath of nearby residents, and may lower the value of houses in the area.

Cromwell told earlier this month (Dec15) that the plant is an "environmental catastrophe", adding, "I'm not a scientist, I'm merely a concerned citizen. I'm concerned about this community and concerned about maintaining the quality of life for everyone here and not just for those people who make a profit out of ripping things out of the ground."

The actor also hit headlines after briefly disrupting the Orange County Partnership's Annual Event in New Windsor, New York, on 1 December (15), and was ejected along with another activist.

Cromwell, who was nominated for an Oscar for his role in 1995 movie Babe, is reportedly set to appear in court on 4 January (16).