THE QUEEN star James Cromwell has taken aim at the British royal family in an effort to persuade guards to swap hats. The Babe star, who plays Prince Philip in the hit new movie, is a fervent animal rights activist and he's using his new role as The Queen's husband to campaign against the royal guards' bearskin hats. Cromwell has joined forces with animal rights activists at People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals to propose guards stop wearing hats decorated with the pelts of slaughtered Canadian black bears. In a letter on behalf of PETA Europe to the real Queen Elizabeth II, the actor writes, "Like most visitors to London and, indeed, many British residents, I assumed that these hats were now made from fake fur. "I've learned that it takes the entire skin of one Canadian black bear to make just one guard's headpiece. "I am respectfully asking Your Majesty to consider advising the Ministry of Defence to abandon the use of real fur in favour of modern faux fur or a new design for our times."