James Corden wants to go to Prince Harry's bachelor party.

The 'Late Late Show' host insists it is unlikely he'd be invited to the royal's upcoming wedding to Meghan Markle, but he'd love to be a part of the prince's final celebrations before becoming a married man.

He said: ''I don't think I'll be there [at the wedding]. I'd be very surprised.

''I just want to go on the bachelor party. That's all I'm looking forward to. He's gonna have a hell of a bachelor party.''

The 39-year-old presenter thinks Americans are far more excited about the upcoming royal wedding than people are back in the UK.

Speaking on 'CBS This Morning', he said: ''When someone like Prince Harry is getting married, we go, 'Oh great, we should get a tiny flag.'

''And America screams. I always think that is a much better way to be. It is amazing.''

Meanwhile, James is gearing up to host the Grammy Awards for the second time this weekend, and his only goal for the ceremony is to ''not ruin it''.

He said: ''I certainly don't feel I've got this in any way about any facet of my life. I am from a town none of you have heard of, that's how small it is, and so to be hosting a show like the Grammys is so far beyond anything I ever thought I would do with my life.

''You're not really in the show that much. I think it's less than 20 minutes.''

The likes of Sir Elton John, Miley Cyrus, Pink, Lady GaGa and Bruno Mars will be singing at the ceremony and James wants the musical

performances to take centre stage.

He said: ''We're just gonna try and arrive with some little bits of fun. Most award shows are groups of millionaires giving themselves statues. The Grammys are different than that because it's all about the performances. It's all about the music. We're gonna try and usher that around. There are some great performances coming up.''