James Corden visits an ''urban sweat lodge'' to shed himself of toxins.

The 'Late Late Show' presenter admits spending time in the UK always makes him ''put on weight'' but he knows what to do when he returns to Los Angeles to make himself feel better.

He told his 'A League of Their Own' guest Piers Morgan: ''I've actually put on weight since I've been back in Britain for two weeks. I forgot how much people here eat and drink.''

When the 'Good Morning Britain' host agreed, James replied: ''I've got just the answer. Next time you're in LA, I'm taking you to this fantastic new urban sweat lodge I've found.

''You lie in a sleeping bag on an infrared bed, watch TV, get very hot and sweat like a dog in a heatwave. No idea [if it helps you lose weight] but you feel great - it gets rid of all your toxins.''

James and his wife Julia - who have kids Max, six, and Carey, two, together - are expecting their third child together and the 38-year-old presenter admitted he is always able to have quality time with his spouse.

Piers recounted in his diary for Event magazine: ''I marched down the corridor to find Corden, whose wife Julia is expecting their third baby. 'Daddy!' I exclaimed. 'How the hell have you found the time for that?' 'You never lose it,' he smirked proudly.''

James recently spoke about his love for his television producer beau, who he praised for allowing the family to move to Los Angeles when he secured his hosting job.

Asked if it was love at first sight, he gushed: ''It was for me. I doubt it was for her. She's incredible. People always talk about me and how much work the show must be, but it's nothing compared to what she does. Our daughter was only 12 weeks old when we moved here. I had to come out earlier because the baby didn't have a passport.

''It was a massive thing to just pick up our life and come here, you know. And we're happy because we're together all of the time. It's not like I'm doing a movie where I'll be back in a few months or a play with eight shows a week where every night you're on your own. Predominantly, this show is me being here, in this office, coming up with ideas and then we go and shoot stuff and do the show. Home every night.''