Funnyman James Corden signed up to replace fellow Brit Craig Ferguson as the host of America's The Late Late Show so he could spend more time around his kids.

The comedian will step into his new role next spring (15) and admits it wasn't difficult to turn his back on a blossoming movie career.

Corden, who will appear as The Baker in Rob Marshall's star-studded movie musical Into The Woods this Christmas (14), has a three-year-old son and a newborn baby daughter - and he admits he'd rather be a "present" dad than chase a movie career right now.

He tells Wenn his choice to become a late-night show host was "a life decision", adding, "Here is a situation where someone has offered an opportunity to me to be a present dad and a husband, where I will get to be around my children when they grow up and be around my wife.

"You don't often have that luxury in this job; you're off to New Zealand or wherever the new tax break in the world chooses to be!

"Ultimately, I thought, 'Who am I to pass up this opportunity to be able to talk to America every night and maybe just try to make them smile, dare I say it laugh, just before or likely during the time where they fall asleep?!'"

Corden adds, "I will try my absolute best to provide something that is warm and fun."