James Corden only rented furniture when he moved to the US because he was so sure he would fail.

The 'Late Late Show' host told his wife Julia Carey - who he has kids Max, six, Carey, three, and three-month-old Charlotte with - there was ''no point'' splashing out on a plush property or an array of new goods for their American home because they would only have to try to sell it all shortly after.

He said: ''I'm still surprised today, in truth.

''When we moved here we rented a house and we rented furniture because I remember saying to Jules, my wife, 'There's no point buying anything because we're just going to have to try to sell it and inevitably leave it a garage somewhere, let's just rent furniture.'

''In truth, history's littered with people who've come and tried to make a show or something in America and it hasn't worked.

''There's such a level of ownership to these late night shows that a chubby guy from High Wycombe, who hasn't ever really hosted a talk show before ... the odds were so stacked against us.''

But James and Julia have made Los Angeles their home three years on, and he loves popping round to singer Robbie Williams' nearby pad to play football video games on the 'Candy' hitmaker's huge TV.

He said: ''Robbie organises 'FIFA' tournaments at his house. He's got this TV the size of most people's homes and you sit and play 'FIFA' and the tournaments take about four or five hours.''

While the former 'Fat Friends' star loves living across the pond, he still can't help but indulge in some calorific treats from time to time, and blames his ''metabolism'' for putting on weight quicker than his wife.

Speaking on 'The Dan Wootton Interview' podcast, he added: ''It's called a metabolism. My wife and I went to Mexico and we both weighed ourselves before we went and we ate the same food while we were away.

''I'd put on five pounds more than she had. It's a nightmare.

''I've been on some sort of cleanse but then I went out to this Oscar thing. And before you know it I'm eating in In-N-Out Burger.''