James Corden has a ''quite terrifying'' recurring dream.

The 'Late Late Show' presenter keeps having nocturnal visions of being left stranded alone in the ocean, and although he can find it amusing, he is genuinely frightened by the nightmares.

He said: ''My recurring nightmare is that I'm in the middle of the ocean, and no one knows I'm there, and I don't know what to do.

''We're joking about it now, but it genuinely is quite terrifying.''

Despite his terrifying nightmares, the 38-year-old presenter - who has kids Max, six, and Carey, two, with pregnant wife Julia - insists he can't imagine his life being any more ''amazing'' than it already is.

Speaking in the Jess Cagle Interview, which streams on the People/ Entertainment Weekly network, he gushed: ''If life's not good right now, how's it ever going to get better than this? It's amazing.''

Though he's very happy with his wife, James confessed he'd love to kiss John Mayer.

He said: ''If I had to kiss one celebrity right now, it would be John Mayer because, you know, it just sounds like it's fantastic.''

And the British star admitted he wishes he was able to have the odd day off sick without it causing problems for himself and his show.

He said: ''The one thing that I wish I was allowed to do on television but I'm not is call in sick with no repercussions.''