James Corden has admitted he felt ''lost'' when he found fame.

The 'Late, Late Show' star felt like a ''bomb dropped'' on him when his TV comedy series 'Gavin & Stacey' took off shortly after he split from long-term girlfriend Shelley White, as both events needed a lot of adjusting to.

He said: ''There is nobody who hasn't felt a bit lost at some point. Any one of those things would be a disruption in your life. Both at the same time is just like dropping a bomb on your world.''

However, the 39-year-old star - who has Max, six, Carey, three, and Charlotte, 10 weeks, with wife Julia - believes the changes to his life were ''wonderful'' in the long term.

He added in an interview with Attitude magazine: ''In truth, that can be a wonderful thing for you in the long term.

''You've got to go and explore all the things that you might want to explore in order to find out what you really want.''

Meanwhile, James is already prepared for his children questioning him about same-sex relationships when they get older.

He said: ''They haven't brought it up, but we have lots of gay friends - like our friends Chris and Mark - who have come over a lot and stayed with us.

''I think my son has never questioned it as it's always been there. And if he did, I would know what those answers were, which is that these are simply two men that really love each other in the same way I love Mummy and Grandma loves Grandad and that's it.''

James has always been an LGBT ally and credits his parents for teaching him to accept everyone as they are.

He said: ''I've always looked different, not the societal ideal, but I've never felt like an outsider to the extent that my gay friends have felt.

''It would be naive of me to think I have. It comes back to the family as that's where you're educated; it's the people around you and the house you grew up in that shapes your views

''No one is born wanting to dislike anyone, and my parents wanted to accept everyone.''