James Corden has compared home life to a zoo after becoming a father for a third time.

The 39-year-old actor and television personality and his wife Julia - who have son Max, six, and daughter Carey, three - welcomed daughter Charlotte six weeks ago and the 'Late Late Show' host admits having three little ones is ''so difficult'' and exhausting, with feeding time at restaurants a particular nightmare experience.

Corden told the Mirror newspaper: ''With two it was like we had two really, really great pets, and now it feels like we've bought a zoo. I'm exhausted.

It is so difficult with three children.

''We went to a little food place at the end of our street in LA and we looked like we were fleeing the country. I had a daughter, a backpack, a bag and then a bag on the wrist and the stroller, another child.

''My wife's got another bag and our son. I was like this is not worth it, the food is not that good in this place, this is not worth...we've got a fridge.''

Despite comparing his home to an animal park, Corden recently admitted he ''can't bear being away'' from his family.

The former ''Gavin and Stacey' star will find it tough being away from his wife and children when he hosts the Grammys in New York City this weekend.

He said: ''I sort of can't bear being away from everybody. We just had a daughter and it feels a little soon to try and travel as a family. So unfortunately they will be in Los Angeles and I will be in New York. I think there will be a lot of FaceTiming before the show, with my wife saying, 'Breathe, shut up, get over yourself, it's not about you.' She's an incredible sort of calming presence for me.''

The 'Into The Woods' star feels ''so lucky'' to have three wonderful offspring.

He gushed: ''It's so far beyond anything that we ever thought really. I also don't know if my wife and I would've gone for a third if we didn't live in California because you don't have any space in London. I feel so lucky that we have three healthy children. I just feel really blessed with all of it.''