Director James Cameron has been speaking of the time-consuming process of converting his classic 1997 movie Titanic to 3-D. One of the biggest proponents of advanced technology in cinema, Cameron set about preparing the Oscar-winning drama for the modern day cinemagoer.

Cameron was the man responsible for the 3-D movie 'Avatar' which cost hundreds of millions but took over $1 billion at the box-office, therefore expectations were high for Titanic. Recalling early conversations with studio bosses, Cameron told USA Today, "It's a bit of treacherous territory.We knew if we were going to make a conversion, it had to be the platinum standard. I told the studios we were going to spend as much as it took". The movie cost $18 million to convert to 3-D and required 300 artists. Of the final product, the filmmaker said, "It's not exactly what it would have looked like if we had shot in 3-D.but it's certainly an enhancement to the Titanic you have seen before". Producing partner Jon Landau - who has already begun working on Avatar 2 - said he was excited about getting Titanic back into theaters after a generation away, saying, "This is a movie that can excite people about going to theaters again.This is an experience people can't get at home or on their mobile device".

Original stars of the movie Kate Winslet and Billy Zane have been busy promoting the new movie, though LEONARD DICAPRIO has been working on Quentin Tarantino's new movie 'Django Unchained'.