James Cameron thinks 'Avatar' confuses people.

The 55-year-old director, who helmed the ground-breaking 3-D sci-fi film starring Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, believes a lot of film fans find it complex because it contains romance and action.

He said: "With 'Titanic' it was kind of like I took the hard-a*s part away, and I left the soft, gooey centre and a lot of people loved it. But it was also easy to attack, especially after the fact.

"There was this revisionist sense that if you were a guy, you didn't like 'Titanic'.

"'Avatar' confuses people because it's got all this cool eye candy and all this cool action, and if they're starting to feel something in the middle of that, it's kind of OK.

"Unless you're a hard right-wing pundit, in which case it's OK and the whole movie's ridiculous and fatuous and stupid."

Discussing criticism of blockbuster 'Avatar', Cameron - whose movies include 1997 epic 'Titanic', 'Aliens' and the 'Terminator' franchise -joked: "My favourite one was, 'They're too dumb to even know what they're saying.'

"Any messages... you might interpret being in the film is there by mistake. Sure. It's lefty swill. And dumb lefty swill."