The acclaimed filmmaker teamed up with Cirque masterminds for TORUK - The First Flight, a live visual spectacular which depicts a world before the events featured in Cameron's Avatar film.

The stage show launched in late 2015 and is currently touring North America, and Cameron admits being involved in the Cirque masterpiece is a dream come true.

"I didn't envision it (as a stage production)," Cameron confessed to U.S. breakfast show Today as he explained how the project came about.

"Cirque came to me with this idea, and I thought it was just fantastic; it was a match made in heaven, because Avatar is about, kinda, a celebration of human movement, and it's about these alien guys called Na'vi, but they're really us, they're like the better aspects of ourselves, and I think that that's what the performers do."

He continued, "It actually closes a circle because the Cirque du Soleil shows inspired me when I was writing and designing Avatar, as I loved that kind of magic, that other-worldly, dream-like quality. I wanted that in the movie, so when they said, 'Let's do a show', I said, 'I'm in, let's do it! Absolutely!'"

Cameron was also taken with the idea of helping to develop the first Cirque show to feature a proper storyline.

"It is a story, and Cirque hasn't done that before," he added. "Typically, they have these dream-like vignettes that are separated from each other, and this is all one story.

"It's inspired by the movie, but the thing is, what they do in all their shows... it's about performance, it's about these amazing, exotic characters, fantastic costumes, other language - you can't really understand what they're saying, which is exactly what we did in the movie - so there's a great synchronicity between the film and the stage show."

Meanwhile, Cameron is still working on the next four sequels to 2009 movie Avatar, which are scheduled to hit cinemas from December, 2018.