Green Zone has become Hollywood's latest casualty of the Iraq War. Demonstrating that not even films of high artistic merit like The Hurt Locker , which won the Oscar for best film of 2009, or, in the current case, a film touted as a big-budget action thriller starring Matt Damon, can sell tickets if it takes a critical look at the war, Green Zone debuted with an estimated gross below forecasters' worst expectations. The film from director Paul Greengrass, which reportedly cost more than $100 million to produce, earned just $14.5 million in ticket sales -- a fraction of what Alice in Wonderland earned in its second week. Dropping 47 percent from last week -- a modest decline by Hollywood standards -- Alice raked in $62 million, to push it over the $200-million mark to $206.5 million. It earned an additional $76 million overseas to bring its worldwide total to $429 million. Three other new films fared worse than Green Zone, but at least they didn't cost nearly as much. The relatively low-budget She's Out of My League opened in third place with about $9.6 million., while the Robert Pattinson starrer Remember Me opened in fourth place with $8.3 million. In its fourth weekend, Shutter Island, the Martin Scorsese/Leonardo Dicaprio collaboration, placed fifth with $8.1 million, pushing it past the $100-million mark to $108 million. Opening in sixth place was Our Family Wedding, with $7.6 million. And, going into its fourth month, Avatar remained a force to be reckoned with even as the number of theaters showing it continued to drop. The James Cameron movie took in $6.6 million to bring its domestic total the $730.3 million. Its worldwide total now stands at $2.6 billion.

The top ten films for the weekend, according to studio estimates compiled by Box Office Mojo 1. Alice in Wonderland, $62 million; 2. Green Zone, $14.5 million; 3. She's Out of My League, $9.6 million; 4. Remember Me , $8.3 million; 5. Shutter Island, $8.1 million; 6. Our Family Wedding , $7.6 million; 7. Avatar, $6.6 million; 8. Brooklyn's Finest, $4.3 million; 9. Cop Out, $4.2 million; 10. The Crazies, $3.7 million.