Moviemaker James Cameron hopes to work with TITANIC star Kate Winslet again even though the actress once revealed the intense director tried to drown her.
Stars of Cameron's films have often criticised the filmmaker for his extreme techniques - and Winslet went public with the fact she often prayed for death during miserable water tank scenes in Titanic.
But the director feels sure the Brit was simply over-exaggerating the fact she almost died while making the blockbuster love story.
He tells Playboy magazine, "We simply let Kate think she was nearly drowning. A little spluttering and coughing does not count in my book, because I have almost drowned several times and I know what it feels like.
"Asking God to please let you die? I was thinking the same thing at about the same point (in the film)... Kate probably got some unnecessary stress from me, but I would say 99 per cent of her stress was internally induced as part of her acting process.
"The real question is, 'Would she work with me again...?' My guess is, absolutely. I'd certainly work with her again; she's very talented."
But Cameron suggests he has no plans to work with her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio again: "Leo DiCaprio switches his acting on and off like a faucet."