AVATAR moviemaker James Cameron is fighting for a new era at the cinema when all films are released in 3D.
The forward-thinking director insists all films would be better if movie fans were given special glasses upon entering cinemas - and he doesn't think it will be too long before studios no longer advertise 3D movies, because they'll be commonplace.
He tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "I'm talking about a future when you don't have to put 3D on the the movie poster anymore, the same way that you don't put 'in colour' on posters anymore.
"Imagine that point in time, when 3D is just a natural, innate part of viewing."
And, asked if he thought ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow's 2010 Oscar winning film The Hurt Locker would look better in 3D, Cameron tells the magazine, "Absolutely."