James Cameron is adamant the AVATAR phenomenon is nearing its end - he will walk away from the film once his definitive version is released.
The moviemaker re-released his record-breaking 3D hit last month (Aug10) with an extra nine minutes of footage, and plans to put out an ultimate director's cut on DVD in November (10), which will include a further seven minutes.
But Cameron is determined not to squeeze any more mileage out of Avatar and has promised to close the door on the fantasy film once his final version is out.
He tells Total Film, "No, I'm not going back to this. There's no re-visiting this downstream, and I don't see it coming back into theatres at all unless 20 years from now they want to do something and I'm a doddering old guy that can't stop them."
But the news does not spell the end of the Avatar franchise - Cameron is planning a sequel in 2014.