Screen veteran James Caan has opted to step away from movies to star in new TV series Las Vegas, because he's desperate to spend more time with the his family.

The 64-year-old GODFATHER star complains that his demanding film schedules have kept him away from his wife LINDA STOKES and their two children, so he's decided to make the transition to the small screen.

He says, "First of all, of my five kids, two are young boys five and seven years old. Last year (02) I did several movies and was on the road in Canada and New York so I only got to see them for about ten weeks out of the year.

"I missed my kids and working mostly in LA will allow me to see them a lot more. We'll be going to Vegas for all the exteriors and will probably do that for five or six days at a time; the rest will be in LA. We'll be spending time with our families and working at home.

"It's a twofold thing for me - I get to see my boys and I get to do something new and exciting with a great bunch of kids."

25/09/2003 09:17