The Godfather star filed for divorce from his fourth wife, Linda, at the start of 2015, and they are currently locked in a bitter battle over finances.

Linda, who was married to the actor for 19 years, is reportedly seeking to increase the $13,000 (£8,670)-a-month she currently receives in child support for their two teenage children, Jacob and James, but Caan insists he cannot afford the fees.

The 75-year-old claims he is suffering from various medical issues and wants to retire from Hollywood, but he is having to continue working to satisfy Linda's demands.

Caan also alleges he took on his most recent projects just for the cash, and they have sullied his reputation.

"I am no longer willing to take parts in films and/or television shows which detract from the 50 years I have spent building my reputation," he states in court papers obtained by

The documents also highlight one of the lacklustre films Caan regrets signing on for - Canadian horror Sicilian Vampire, in which he co-starred with Darryl Hannah, Paul Sorvino, and Robert Loggia. He recalls only 50 people showed up for the New York City premiere, which he insists was humiliating.

Caan also has three other children from previous marriages, including Hawaii Five-O star Scott Caan.