Movie tough guy James Caan is begging his wife to scale down her renovation plans because he hates living in upheaval.

Caan and LINDA STOKES briefly separated in 2004, and now THE GODFATHER star has admitted he's tired of his wife's love of redecorating and renovating every home they live in.

He tells pal Sylvester Stallone in the ROCKY star's seasonal men's magazine SLY, "I say to my wife, 'I bought this house in 'move-in' condition. Here's a novel idea: Let me look at it before I tear it apart.'

"We took possession of the key, and a week later a f**king Scud missile hit this place: 'What happened? Why you putting this new floor in, honey?'

"The workers at my house have been here a year and to make matters worse they like hanging out in my bathroom.

"You give me a Motel 6 (bargain hotel) with a hamburger and ESPN (US TV sports channel), and I'm ecstatic.

"My wife has snapped, and I truly believe she's going to redecorate the whole planet: 'We got to tear out all these mountains and trees and start over. Something in red would brighten up the planet."