The bereaved partner of late soul singer James Brown has been permitted to briefly return to Brown's home to retrieve her belongings.

Tommie Raye Hynie, 36, was prevented from entering her late husband's house after Brown died on Christmas Day last year.

A dispute with Brown's family members followed when they claimed that she had not been legally united to the Godfather of Soul. Although she had married the singer their union had been annulled because she had failed to gain a divorce from a previous husband.

Hynie was allowed to return to the property, accompanied by officials, to retrieve her belongings by Judge Doyet Early.

Reconciliation between herself and Brown's family appears to be helped by their combined efforts to remove the Brown estate's executors from their current positions.

Brown died in Atlanta, Florida, at the age of 73 six weeks ago but is yet to be buried. His marriage to Hynie was his fourth and the couple had had a child, James Jr.

10/02/2007 17:04:42