LATEST: James Brown's beaten wife TOMI RAE is determined to forgive and forget her husband's attack on her - just a week after police hauled him away for striking her.

Tomi Rae, who is recuperating after her husband's attack at her mother's home, is keen to patch things up with the GODFATHER OF SOUL.

Tomi Rae says, "He hurt me bad, but I love him. I'm sorry he was arrested. I will take him back."

Brown faces battery charges after allegedly shoving Tomi Rae during an argument in their bedroom, but he insists he didn't hurt his wife.

Meanwhile, Tomi Rae admits she was horrified at the way police treated Brown when they came to arrest him at their South Carolina home on 28 January (04).

She adds, "All I wanted to do when the police hauled him away was comb his hair and change him from his pyjamas but they wouldn't let me.

"When I saw that picture (mugshot) in the local paper the following day, he looked terrible - worse than that horrible arrest picture of Nick Nolte."

06/02/2004 19:04