James Brown's former assistant has won the opportunity to sue for a slice of the late soul star's fortune after claiming he raped her at gunpoint in 1988. JACQUE HOLLANDER's shocking claims were thrown out of court in Chicago, Illinois last year (06) after a judge ruled she had waited too long to make the charges, but now the US Supreme Court will hear the case after her lawyers appealed the decision. Hollander insists she waited for years to bring rape charges against Brown because she was terrified of her former boss, who died on Christmas Day (25DEC06). But she reveals she still has the denim skirt with Brown's DNA all over it - that she hopes will help her win her case and compensation for the unwelcome sex act that left her scarred for life. Hollander tells American tabloid the Globe the rape incident took place in a wooded area near Brown's home in South Carolina, after the soul superstar turned wild while smoking hallucinogenic PCP. She recalls, "I sat there crying. He told me to shut up and get in the back of the van (he was driving). "I had to go into survival mode. He was foaming at the mouth, like he was going insane, and I thought I was going to die." Hollander, 51, left Brown's employ but never went to the authorities with her claims until years later - because she couldn't get the soul man's post-rape threat out of her head. She adds, "He told me that if I opened my mouth I would be killed, and he had the power to have me or my family killed."