Troubled soul legend James Brown has hit out at the police - branding his arrest earlier this year (04) as "an injustice".

The Godfather of Soul's dishevelled mug shot was printed around the world following his arrest on charges of assaulting his wife TOMI MAE.

Brown says he's "disgusted" by the treatment he endured and complains he wasn't allowed to "freshen up" before having the picture taken.

The 70-year-old SEX MACHINE singer says, "You don't get a chance to freshen yourself up. You expect that.

"Later on, I got my shave in and did my hair nicely, and I was smiling."

"I'm not angry about it. I'm just a human being. It happened to our Lord, so who am I?

"It's been done to goodwill people since time began - Martin Luther King, John Kennedy, people around the world in one way or another.

"I'm no better, and I thank God because it makes me stronger and I keep on going. The people's spirit lifts me. I'm just a human being reacting and I'm going to work."

26/03/2004 20:07