Funk veteran James Brown has given away 1,000 turkeys to the needy in his native Augusta, Georgia.

The line of recipients stretched far along the streets as people waited for the turkey giveaway, which started early yesterday (22NOV04).

The star arrived in the early afternoon with his wife TOMI RAE BROWN and son JAMES BROWN JR.

After greeting the crowd, he sang a few notes with a live gospel band to entertain people waiting for food, then he led a prayer, ending with, "Now let's go get some turkey."

The day served as a Thanksgiving celebration for the Browns because the entertainer will be working on the holiday.

Tomi Rae says, "We leave for Canada Wednesday, so we had the kids and grandkids here. We fed a lot of people. Everybody got a turkey. I guess it worked out the way God wanted it to."

23/11/2004 21:14