LATEST: James Brown's widow TOMI RAE HYNIE has reached an agreement with trustees of the star's estate to obtain DNA samples from the late's singer's body. Back-up singer Hynie and her son JAMES BROWN have been shut out of the soul legend's will, with his trustees claiming she wasn't legally married to Brown and that another man was the father of the young James. On Friday (23FEB07), lawyers for the trustees filed a motion in South Carolina asking for legal permission to take DNA samples from the PAPA'S GOT A BRAND NEW BAG singer's body, which is currently in an undisclosed funeral home. It is hoped the DNA samples will clarify how many children Brown fathered. In his will, he listed six children, but several other people have come forward following his 25 December (06) death to insist they are also the star's offspring. Hynie's lawyer ROBERT ROSEN said his client initially disagreed with the way the trustees wanted the DNA collected, but they have now come to an agreement, which has lead to the cancellation of a hearing scheduled for today (27FEB07). Hynie is suing for a share of Brown's estate and if DNA tests prove the singer's son is fathered by Brown, she will be entitled to some of his financial legacy.