James Brown's widow TOMI RAE HYNIE is planning to release an album of songs she was working on with the music legend at the time of his death. Brown died on Christmas Day (25DEC06) and his family has been waging a war with Hynie over his estate and final burial place. She tells US talk show host Larry King, "I'm getting ready to start doing a tribute album to my husband. Not doing James Brown songs, but instead doing songs that James and I wrote together. "For the last 10 years I've been the lead soloist in the James Brown show and James and I had recorded my songs together. "I have been fortunate enough to be on the last three albums he has put out. We had an album we never got a chance to put out of songs him and I wrote. "It is going to be called MRS BROWN and I'm titling it THIS IS FOR YOU. On each track will be a various rap artist - we actually have a meeting with Snoop Dogg's people. We are going to talk about getting him on the record. They seem to be pretty excited about it. (Various musicians) are all going to lay tribute to James Brown in a different kind of way."