LATEST: James Brown's widow TOMI RAE HYNIE has been given permission to return to the home she shared with the late soul great to collect her belongings after a face-off with her stepchildren in court. Hynie is currently contesting her late husband's will after discovering she and her five-year-old son have been left out of inheriting anything from the Godfather of Soul. The backing singer has been locked out of the South Carolina home she shared with Brown since his death on Christmas Day (25DEC06). Hynie and Brown's six adult children were in court in South Carolina this morning (09FEB07) after suing three trustees they allege have mismanaged the soul star's estate. The family want the trustees removed. A judge in the case granted Hynie permission access to the nearby mansion, so she could pick up clothing and furniture items she claims belong to her and her five-year-old son. Meanwhile, Brown's body remains at an undisclosed location, awaiting a decision on where he will be buried.