LATEST: James Brown's widow TOMI RAE HYNIE and the soul star's six adult children have been told to try and agree upon a final resting place for the singer - so he can rest in peace. Brown's body has remained at an undisclosed location, while trustees of the Godfather of Soul's estate, his widow and kin dispute his will and legacy. Hynie has made it public that Brown wanted to be buried in an incomplete mausoleum on the grounds of the home they shared in Beech Island, South Carolina. At the close of a court hearing on Friday (09FEB07), Judge DOYET EARLY told the family members to come to an arrangement about burial plans. Hynie was given good news during the hearing - Judge Early ordered estate trustees, who have locked her out of the house since her husband's death on Christmas Day (25DEC06), to allow her to return and claim her belongings. The judge insisted that any contentious items should be left at the house until a court could decide on who should claim them. Hynie, Brown's fourth wife, was delighted with the decision, and was spotted hugging her eldest stepchild, VENISHA BROWN, before returning to the home she shared with the soul star for the first time since his death. She said, "I'm happy to be getting my things and my son's things." Judge Early also gave Hynie permission to take pictures and videotape her home's interior. Hynie and Brown's children were in court to dispute the management of the late star's estate, asking for authorities to remove the appointed trustees. Attorneys for the trustees plan to countersue the family members. An attorney handling Brown's will has asked authorities in South Carolina for a restraining order against the family, claiming they have interfered with the administration of the estate. The case continues as the authorities decide whether to remove the trustees or appoint a special administrator for the estate.