LATEST: The body of James Brown will lie in state in the New York venue where he first cemented his place in music history in the 1960s. Brown's coffin will rest on the stage of the Apollo Theater in Harlem on Thursday (28DEC06) with the public invited to pay their last respects to the star. REV AL SHARPTON, a close friend of Brown's, said it was a fitting tribute to a man who made such an impact on the music world. He says, "It would almost be unthinkable for a man who lived such a sensational life to go away quietly. "His greatest thrill was always the lines around the Apollo Theater. "I felt that James Brown in all the years we talked would have wanted one last opportunity to let the people say goodbye to him and he to the people." "He used to tell me, 'There are two American originals, ELVIS and me. 'Elvis is gone, and I've got to carry on.'" A private ceremony will follow the public viewing in Brown's Augusta, Georgia hometown on Friday (29DEC06). An additional public ceremony is scheduled to take place at the town's James Brown Arena on Saturday (30DEC06). Brown died in the early hours of Christmas day (25DEC06) aged 73.