LATEST: James Brown's widow TOMI RAY HYNIE finally got the chance to mourn over the soul legend's body on Thursday (01MAR07). Back-up singer Hynie and her son JAMES BROWN have been shut out of the singer's will, with his trustees claiming she wasn't legally married to Brown and that another man was the father of the young James. Hynie announced last week (ends02MAR07) that she had come to an agreement with the trustees on how to obtain DNA samples from Brown's remains to help clarify whether he fathered several children not mentioned in his will. Hynie visited Brown's body at an undisclosed location on Thursday, to say the intimate goodbye she missed out on during the singer's two funeral services in December (06). She says, "We had a saying that his father, Papa Joe, used to say when he would win playing dice. He would say, 'Us win' to James. So, I was praying and I said, 'Us win, baby. We are going to put you in the ground and you're going to get some rest finally, at last." Following the DNA tests, Brown will finally be laid to rest, but Hynie has refused to disclose his place of burial. She adds, "I'm very happy we're coming to a resolution with the family on that. He was my life ... and I miss him very much." The PAPA'S GOT A BRAND NEW BAG hitmaker died on Christmas Day (25DEC06) of pneumonia.