Trustees for James Brown's estate have filed a DNA sample motion in a bid to make all the soul great's children legitimate heirs to his fortune. The trustees asked a judge on Friday (23FEB07) to allow DNA samples to be taken from the remains of the late singer - to prove the paternity of anyone claiming to be one of his kids. The move follows claims that Brown's five-year-old son by widow TOMI RAE HYNIE was fathered by another man. BUDDY DALLAS, one of the singer's trustees, reveals Hynie's claim on behalf of her son is one of many that has come to his attention since the Godfather Of Soul died on Christmas Day (25DEC06). Neither Hynie nor her young son, also called JAMES BROWN, were included in the soul legend's will. The DNA samples will have to be taken soon as Hynie and the singer's six grown-up children have agreed on burial plans, but details have not yet been made public. Meanwhile, Hynie has sued to get a share of Brown's estate. Brown's lawyers claim the back-up singer was never legally married because Hynie already had a husband when she wed Brown in 2001.