LATEST: Soul great James Brown will re-wed his wife of three years if she's granted an annulment from her previous marriage.

TOMI RAE BROWN was asked to leave Brown's entourage as he toured Australia earlier this month (APR04) because he discovered she was still married to JAVED AHMED when she exchanged vows with him.

Tomi Rae insists she only wed the Pakistani to help him get an American green card, and the marriage lasted just three days.

But, her husband has since learned she may still have been legally married when they wed.

She filed a formal petition for annulment in December (03) and has a hearing later this month (APR04).

Brown's lawyer JIM HUFF says, "The hope is once she gets the annulment from Mr Ahmed finalised... then it's my impression the parties would be able to enter into a marriage without these entanglements."

12/04/2004 08:58