Soul legend James Brown has ousted wife TOMI RAE from his tour entourage in Australia, following accusations against her of bigamy.

Rae is now making her way back to America to sign papers proving her previous marriage was dissolved.

She says, "That was an illegal marriage that lasted for three days and was annulled. It was done under the pretence of a man trying to stay in the country, which I didn't know. It was never consummated."

Fans first learned Brown's two-year marriage was floundering last year (03) when the SEX MACHINE singer took out a full page advertisement in Hollywood trade publication DAILY VARIETY to announce their separation.

They soon reconciled, but split again following Brown's alleged violent attack on his wife in January (04) at their Beech Island, South Carolina, home.

Following his arrest, Brown accused Tomi Rae of still being married to former husband JAVED AHMED and applied to annul their marriage.

08/04/2004 09:24