Troubled soul legend James Brown's wife TOMI RAE HYNIE stunned passengers on a flight to Puerto Rico yesterday (09FEB04) - by screaming abuse at her husband.

The 33-year-old backing singer - who reconciled with the LIVING IN AMERICA star last week (ends6FEB04) - was overheard attacking her 70-year-old spouse over his arrest for domestic abuse and subsequent allegation that she is a bigamist.

One onlooker tells the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Brown's fourth wife shouted, "I'm just here for damage control! You are in more trouble than you realise! So what if I was married to another man?"

The couple's two-year marriage floundered last year (03) when Brown took out a full page advertisment in VARIETY to announce their separation. They soon reconciled, but split again following the allegedly violent incident last month (JAN04).

And following his arrest, Brown accused Tomi Rae of still being married to former husband JAVED AHMED and applied to annul their marriage.

Passengers on the fraught flight attest that Tomi Rae made no attempts at discretion during the row.

One comments, "She was causing a total scene, not trying to hide it at all."

However, Brown's publicist SUSAN BLOND says, "Mr and Mrs Brown are very much in love. Perhaps she said that in jest. She has a very dry sense of humour. They've reconciled, and the charges have been dropped."

10/02/2004 13:39