BUSTED singer James Bourne was lucky to escape injury when he was involved in a car crash earlier this week (08DEC04).

The THUNDERBIRDS star was travelling to a live show in Glasgow, Scotland, when the people carrier he was in was hit by another car. The 21-year-old avoided being hurt after he decided not to travel in the front.

An insider says, "The car was a complete write-off and the whole left-hand side was totally crushed. By some fluke James was in the back on the right - that's what saved him from being badly hurt.

"MATT (JAY) and CHARLIE (SIMPSON) had decided to go to the venue earlier on Wednesday. It's awful to think what would have happened if they'd been in the car with James."

The concert was delayed while Bourne made a statement to police. A spokesperson for the boyband adds, "Obviously James was in shock and everyone was really worried about him.

"But he's a trouper and made sure that, though it started late, the show still went on. He's fine now."

12/12/2004 11:04