Busted's fans are now very polite when they meet them.

The band - comprised of Charlie Simpson, James Bourne and Matt Willis - reunited in 2015 for a tour and have just released new album 'Night Driver' and although they are still getting attention from their admirers they admit there are no hysterical groupies like there was in their heyday in 2002.

Matt, 33, said: ''Back in the day, fans were f***ing mental because they were young and f***ing like, 'Oh my god, it's Busted.' Now it's like, 'Hey how are you doing? I like your music.'

The bassist - who is married to 'The Voice UK' presenter Emma Willis - was the band's biggest hellraiser back in the day but he has turned his back on partying..

Although Charlie and James still enjoy going out after a show, Matt - who had a stint in rehab to be treated for alcoholism and drug abuse - prefers to be tucked up in bed now and aims to get a full eight hours of sleep a night.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, he said: ''I like to go to bed. I enjoy a solid eight hours sleep.''

Charlie, 31, added: ''When we are on tour we like to party. Matt not so much anymore. He partied for us 10 times over. He partied for us for a lifetime.''

Busted's new LP is an electro pop record and the 'Year 3000' hitmakers previously admitted they would not have reformed if they had to repeat the pop/rock sound of their previous two albums.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Matt said: ''I think we would all hate it. Don't get me wrong we love the old stuff. We look back on it fondly, but that was then. That was a part in our lives when that made sense for us to do that.''

Frontman Charlie, 31, added: ''I think what people have to bear in mind is, if people thought we were going to come back with the same record we did 10 years ago, this would have never of happened. We broke up because we weren't all on the same page musically anymore. It would have been strange at this stage to go, 'You know what let's make another record like 10 years ago.' ''