BUSTED songwriter James Bourne lives up to his clean-cut image - he doesn't smoke or take drugs.

The Thunderbirds teen idol has to put up with bandmate Charlie Simpson's cigarette habit, and it's more than enough to keep him from lighting up.

Bourne says, "No, I've never done it and I don't plan to. It's disgusting - it makes your clothes stink and it's just a foul habit. I was the only kid at college who didn't smoke, but people respected me for it."

Drugs are not something the 20-year-old intends to try either: "Some people think it's OK to experiment with drugs, but that's just stupid. I'm so glad I've never got into anything like that because I get really affected just by drinking a fizzy drink!

"I'm mad enough as it is."

29/09/2004 14:48