British pop star James Bourne has been harassed and abused in the street since reports he spent the night with controversial pop star Michael Jackson in London.

The pair formed a friendship after Jackson invited former BUSTED star Bourne's new band to perform on his Hurricane Katrina charity single.

And the pop superstar reportedly invited Bourne, 22, to join him at his suite at swanky London hotel The Dorchester while he was in the British capital earlier this month (OCT05).

Bourne refuses to confirm whether he accepted the offer, but admits he is now pals with Jackson - and that it has turned him into a social outcast among members of the public who remain sceptical about the superstar, despite his acquittal on child molestation charges earlier this year (JUN05).

Bourne tells British magazine New!, "I have been spat at and pelted with bottles at gigs. It would seem people think there is something wrong with being Michael's friend.

"He asked us to be on his Hurricane Katrina charity single and told all the band that we could go and visit him at the Neverland ranch. I think it's great.

"Some of the band think it's bad for our image, but I think he's a hugely influential man in music."