English rocker James Bourne has launched a scathing attack on his former Busted bandmate Charlie Simpson, claiming his decision to quit the pop trio has "cost us millions" of pounds.

After two years in the charts and four numbers one singles, Simpson decided to quit the CRASHED THE WEDDING group in January (05) to focus on his new group Fightstar, forcing remaining members Bourne and Matt Willis to disband.

However, nearly a year later, Bourne is still furious with Simpson, saying, "We missed out on a fortune, millions of pounds each. Matt and I were devastated.

"We were having the biggest party of our lives. The Charlie suddenly turned the lights on and it was time to go home.

"It's odd because it happened when we were massive. We'd set a new record by playing Wembley (Arena) 11 times in a year. We won two Brits and Record Of The Year. Our single Thunderbirds was number one and we had an MTV show in America.

"Then suddenly it ended because Charlie wasn't into our music any more. We could have milked it for another year and still gone out with a bang."

Bourne has since formed a new group SON OF DORK, while Willis has spent time in rehabilitation for an alcohol-related problem.