'Skyfall' has been described as the best James Bond film of all time.

Sam Mendes' new feature - which sees Daniel Craig return as 007 and fight to save MI6 from a cyberterrorist plot - has become the biggest grossing film at the UK box office within just two weeks of its release and earnings are expected to reach $400 million after its US release this weekend (09.11.12).

Producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli are overwhelmed by the success of the 23rd installment in the franchise, and said: ''We are thrilled and proud to reach this box-office landmark in record time, and are delighted that UK audiences continue to enjoy Skyfall.''

Renowned film critic Peter Travers has praised Daniel Craig's portrayal of the British spy, saying: ''Daniel Craig is the second best James Bond of all time. I put 'Skyfall' in the top five Bond movies ever made.

''Daniel Craig couldn't be better. It's as if he forgot 'Quantum of Solace' and moved right in after 'Casino Royale'. We find out things, dark things, about James Bond.''

IMDB's Keith Simaton has described it as a ''classic'' Bond film and gave it an eight out of 10, adding: '''Skyfall' has all the classic components that people want in a Bond film. It's as if Sony/MGM/the Broccolis said, 'OK, we've deconstructed him, let's reconstruct him!'''