Residents near the site of an upcoming James Bond shoot in Rome, Italy are reportedly raking in the cash by charging fans $1,200 (£750) per day to watch the action.

The 007 production crew is due to head to the Italian capital this month (Feb15) to film a number of scenes in the city for Daniel Craig's latest blockbuster Spectre.

Residents living along the proposed route of one action sequence are reportedly trying to cash in on the popularity of the spy franchise by charging fans $1,200 per day to stay in their apartments along the ancient Via Nomentana road for the duration of the four-day shoot.

According to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, Rome authorities are drafting in 800 security guards to help the shoot go smoothly and avoid bringing traffic in the city to a standstill.

Before production in the city began, Spectre producers were banned from filming in a cemetery and near the historic Four Fountains landmark amid fears an accident could wreck the historic sites.