Former James Bond star Roger Moore insists it doesn't take a "good actor" to play the world's most famous secret agent. Moore - who played the suave superspy in the early 1980s - insists criticism of the decision to cast Daniel Craig as 007 was harsh, because the role doesn't require much talent. He says, "I am a great defender of Daniel Craig. He's a good actor. People have been so beastly, he's not even had a chance. "Not that you have to be a good actor... you just have to be able to say, 'My name's Bond, James Bond' But despite offering his support to Craig, the 79-year-old actor isn't looking forward to Casino Royale's cinema release later this month (17NOV06). He says, "The other thing that happens when a new Bond film opens is that I get bad reviews. "The critics say, 'Thank God, he - whoever he is - wasn't like Roger Moore'."