The penguins, James Bond and Denzel Washington have kept JESUS from the top of the US box office after newly-released religious epic THE NATIVITY STORY seriously under-performed in its first weekend. Despite becoming the first film ever to premiere at The Vatican in Rome, the film, which chronicles the journey of Christ's parents to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus, needed more than divine intervention to give it a big opening weekend. The film, starring pregnant Whale Rider star KEISHA CASTLEHUGHES as MARY, debuted at number four with only $8 million (GBP4.1 million). Animated penguin film HAPPY FEET and 007's latest adventure Casino Royale stayed put at numbers one and two on the box office chart for a third successive week, while Washington's time travelling thriller DEJA VU stayed at three for a second week. Happy Feet pulled in another $17 million (GBP8.7 million) to take it's three week tally to $121 million (GBP62 million), while Casino Royale added $15.1 million (GBP7.74 million) to its $115.9 million (GBP59.4 million) gross. The only other new entries in the box office top 10 were thriller TURISTAS at number eight and NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VAN WILDER: THE RISE OF TAJ at 10.