James Bond actress Samantha Bond has threatened to quit the 007 franchise if Pierce Brosnan does not return as the suave secret agent spy.

The British actress, 42, who plays Miss Moneypenny in the spy movies, has joined DAME Judi Dench (M) - to declare her support for Brosnan and has issued an ultimatum to producers - to keep him or risk losing her.

Bond explains, "If Pierce stays, I'll stay. But if Pierce goes, I think I'll go.

"If they're going to bring in a juvenile, I don't want to be a senior Moneypenny.

"I like doing it with Pierce. He's always going to be eight years older than me. I can flirt with him.

"But if you bring in a 35-year-old... I don't think so."

The identity of the actor due to appear in the next Bond film is still unknown.

Bond adds, "There's an awful lot that goes on behind close doors that we know nothing about."

18/05/2004 01:39