Producers working on the new James Bond film have upset members of the Bolivian government - after 'stereotyping' its people.
New movie Quantum Of Solace features two Bolivian villains linked to a South American drug cartel, and Pablo Groux, deputy culture minister, has expressed his disdain at the movie's depiction of his country.
He says, "I understand that in the film there is a gang of Bolivian drug traffickers. This stigma should not characterise the Bolivians."
The matter is the latest in a string of problems to hit the production - last month (Mar08) a man was arrested for allegedly stealing the headlamps from Daniel Craig's car while he was busy filming scenes for the movie, and in February (08) the 007 star was reportedly caught up in a gun battle between rival gangsters while shooting in Panama.
Quantum Of Solace is set for release later this year (08).