Publishers have thrilled James Bond fans by recruiting British comic CHARLIE HIGSON to write a series of books chronicling the superspy's youth.

IAN FLEMING's legendary character - famously brought to life on the big screen by actors like SIR Sean Connery, SIR Roger Moore and PIERCE BROSNAN - will be parodied in the new PUFFIN novels, which will chart his adventures at a posh British all-boy's school and his early years living with his Aunt in Scotland.

A spokesperson for publisher PUFFIN says, "We've chosen Charlie Higson, who's worked on (British TV show) THE FAST SHOW to write the books.

"The first novel, that comes out next March (05), depicts James just as he is about to go off to Eton (famous private school in England), living in Scotland with his Aunt CHARMIAN since the death of his parents.

"He begins boarding and finds that he doesn't exactly fit in, but does make one friend who will eventually prove his nemesis."

08/04/2004 02:32